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Image by Irina Iriser


Anyone is invited to apply for membership at our club! 

(Applications are accepted in person)


Each prospective new member is voted into a temporary membership status by the existing membership. Once voted in as a temporary member, you are assigned a sponsor that helps you navigate through the first couple months of your membership. During your 1 year temporary membership, you have access to all the club has to offer (excluding voting rights and 24hr access to the club). At the end of your temporary status, you can be voted in to a full-time membership position.


Note: Monthly membership dues are required for all temporary and full-time members. Please come by the club for more information or to sign up as a new member!

Members meet every Thursday evening from 7:00PM to 9:00PM



Each member has exclusive access to the club, 24/7/365 to run their trains. However, there's a lot more than just access to the railroad. Members also get to enjoy the company of their fellow members, attend different off property trips each year (some even include multiple day excursions), and take part in classes on scenery, signaling, weathering, and other techniques which further improve upon a members modeling talents!


Don't forget the members only monthly operating sessions, something not seen during our open houses!

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