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Our Mission: Community Outreach and Education

We recently started working with local scout chapters, assisting them with earning their railroading merit badges. This opportunity allows us to introduce the next generation of modelers to the exciting world of model railroading!

PVRR Instructor
Railroading Merit Badge

By earning this badge, Scouts can learn about the history of railroading, its place in modern society, careers in railroading, and hobbies related to railroading.

Following the guidebook and pamphlet distributed by the Boy Scouts of America, we have put together a short program that allows scouts to earn their railroading merit badges. Scouts have access not only to our model railroad but also to several members who work full time for major Class 1 Railroads. Scouts can ask questions to and interview our inhouse Locomotive Engineer who goes over all of the educational topics the Boy Scouts of America have outlined in their program for earning the merit badge. Additionally, scouts are afforded the opportunity to operate trains on our layout and get a close up, behind the scenes look at the different skills needed to create a museum quality model railroad.

If you are interested in getting your local chapter involved with the Patcong Valley Railroad, please reach out to us via email to schedule a day to come by and visit with us!

Access to the Boy Scouts of American Pamphlet and Program Outline are available by clicking here

Visiting Children
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